About us
SZTR "PETAR" was established in 1995. as a workshop for the production and repair of leather object. Because of our spred on the market and incrase of product range we have decided to found family company "Petar Plus Doo" in 2009.
Main goal of the company is creating recognizable brand on home and ex YU market. Since foundation enterprice has experienced constant growth.

We used only the best materials of domestick and foreign manufactures, modern machines and tehnologys.
Advanteges of "PETAR PLUS DOO" are great job expirience, skilled menpower, teamwork, constant production and sales improvement and creative management.
All products are made to meet needs of modern man. We constantly listen to the market, and ouremployees are ar your disposal to make shure thet you are step closer in realization of you desires.

Our relation with clients is based on trust, quality, sair prices and satisfaction.